Parimatch App Download for Android

The popularity of the Parimatch app in multiple countries is unquestionable. It is one of the leading providers of sports betting and online gambling services in the country. The main reason for its trendiness relates to the overall quality of the mobile application the bookmaker offers.

However, it is worth learning all the details about the program before choosing a Parimatch App download for Android and iOS. It’s always better to learn about all the pros and cons, system requirements and features of the application in advance rather than discovering it in the process.

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Foundation Year


International License


Supported Platforms

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

Minimum Deposit

300 INR

Welcome Bonus

Up to 30,000 INR

Advantages and disadvantages of Parimatch App

As with all the other sports betting platforms, there are both benefits and downsides associated with the Parimatch mobile application. It is important to discover them in advance to make an informed decision on whether the service is worth it for every individual punter.

Benefits of the App

The Parimatch APK offers a variety of benefits to its users. After all, it would not have become so popular, in case the advantages would not have outweighed the drawbacks for most players. The first massive benefit is the option to have a comfortable Parimatch APK download on any platform. It is available on iOS, Android, and other mobile devices as well as on desktops.

parimatch advantages

The next advantage of having a Parimatch download relates to the wide variety of features supported by the program. It offers pre-match and live sports betting on a diverse assortment of events: almost every competition is available here, including even some small local tournaments. The Parimatch app also enables the users to stream their favorite sports in real-time. The broadcasts are well-optimized, which is surely a benefit for punters with limited cell data plans.

Promotions available in the Parimatch app deserve a separate mention, as the deals are truly beneficial for the betting fans. Users on Android, iOS, and other portable OS will be able to activate a variety of deals via the regular bonus program and the promo code system implemented into the software.

Last but not least, there is the perfect reputation of the betting platform. Parimatch app is an international betting service that is legally licensed in multiple jurisdictions. The brand has been around for almost 30 years, and the vast majority of Parimatch app reviews on independent platforms are positive. It is one of the betting platforms the players can truly trust.\

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Disadvantages of the App

Nothing is perfect, and there are some drawbacks to getting a Parimatch download as well. For most sports betting fans, the advantages outweigh them, but it is still essential to discover the downsides in advance. The first of them are the odds, which are quite average here. The operating costs of the bookmaker are obviously extremely high, so the Parimatch app cannot offer the best odds in the market. Thankfully, the difference is not too significant, and most users believe the other qualities of the software compensate for this disadvantage.

The second and the last disadvantage of the Parimatch app that has to be mentioned is the absence of a loyalty program or a VIP club. Some other sportsbooks offer exclusive benefits to long-term betting fans, which might include limited deals, cashback offers, or other freebies. Even though the overall quality of the software makes it worth having a Parimatch download for most punters, major players and high rollers will surely miss out on some of these benefits.

parimatch disadvantages

System Requirements of Parimatch App

The technological terms for the Parimatch mobile app are not as strict. The application is well-optimized, which allows it to run smoothly on a variety of devices, including even budget smartphones and tablets. The most popular platforms supported by the Parimatch APK are Android and other devices, so it is reasonable to list the requirements for these operating systems separately.

System Requirements for Android devices

The main criterion the device has to meet in order to have a Parimatch APK download is related to the version of the operating system. Android 5.1 or newer is required for tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices to have the Parimatch app performing properly. In case the operating system is compatible, it is most likely that the other requirements are met as well.

However, it is always good to discover them in advance. Other requirements associated with the Parimatch APK on Android imply that the mobile device needs to have at least 1GB of RAM. In addition to that, the processor has to be at least 1.2 GHz. The size of the Parimatch app itself is only around 140 MB. Expectedly, the device should have enough memory to install the program.

parimatch android requirements

System Requirements for iOS

On iOS, the requirements associated with the Parimatch APK are similar. The sports betting application has the same size of around 140MB on iOS, and it is even easier to see whether the device is compatible with it. Essentially, the Parimatch app runs on iPhone 7 and all newer smartphones and tablets manufactured by Apple.

It is also worth mentioning that the browser version of Parimatch is compatible with iPhone 4 and all newer devices. The version of the operating system required to have a Parimatch APK download is iOS 14.0 and newer. In case the mobile device has the demanded operating system and there is enough storage space, the Parimatch app will be successfully delivered and perform smoothly.

parimatch ios requirements

How to Download the Parimatch App for Android?

There are two options available to have a Parimatch app download for Android. Firstly, the punters can get the Parimatch app from the official Google Play Market page of the program. It can be installed just like all the other programs on the operating system.

However, the application might not be available in every supported country due to local restrictions. In such a case, it is possible to have a direct Parimatch free download from the official website of the bookmaker.

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Parimatch App Installation Instructions for Android

Some punters might not be used to downloading programs directly, so a set of instructions would be useful. This section will feature detailed instructions on having a Parimatch app download for Android, as there are some additional steps that have to be performed in order to get the application.

STEP 1 - Choose to download the Parimatch Apk file

First of all, it is necessary to visit the official website of Parimatch. If visited from mobile, it will be easy to find the Parimatch free download button, which is located at the bottom of the page. After clicking on the button, the website will redirect the user to the Parimatch download page.

STEP 2 - Download the suggested file to your device

Once the application download page is opened, it is possible to have the Parimatch free download performed. Click on the Download button and wait for the process to finish. It is always possible to track the progress of the Parimatch download in the corresponding section of the mobile browser.

STEP 3 - Allow installation from unknown sources

To finish the Parimatch APK download process, it might also be necessary to allow installation from unknown sources. It is a specific feature that might be enabled in the settings menu of the device. It is vital to ensure the installation is allowed, otherwise it would not be possible to launch the Parimatch APK.

STEP 4 - Install the downloaded file

The last step of the Parimatch download involves installing the application. To do so, launch the APK file and approve the installation. The file may be found in the Downloads folder of the device. Wait until the Parimatch app finishes the installation process and enjoy the sports betting service of the bookmaker.

parimatch install android

How to Download the Parimatch App on iOS?

On iOS, the situation is slightly different. Mobile devices created by Apple cannot have a direct Parimatch download, which leaves the punters with only one option to get the program. In case the mobile application is not available in the local version of the App Store, the users will only be able to enjoy the website version of Parimatch.

parimatch ios

How to install Parimatch App on iOS?

The installation process of the Parimatch APK on iOS is rather straightforward. It is just necessary to find it in the App Store and install it like any other program. It is an international sportsbook, which allows the Parimatch app to be available in a wide range of countries. Expectedly, the Store will let the user know whether their mobile device is compatible with the application before installation.

In case the Parimatch mobile application is not available in the App Store, it is related to the local restrictions of the particular region. In such a situation, the only option to have the Parimatch free download would be to change the region of the App Store, which might not be convenient for most users. Another option would be to enjoy the web version of Parimatch mobile, which is available in the browsers of almost all iOS mobile phones and tablets.

How to update Parimatch App in 2023

The difficulties associated with having a Parimatch app download also result in some issues related to updating the app. In case the application was installed the regular way through App Store or Google Play Market, the updates can also be delivered as usual. Otherwise, it will be necessary to perform them manually.

How to Update the Android App

For users who have managed to install the Parimatch app Android version from the Play Market, it will be easy to get the updates. The first option here would be to get them delivered automatically by enabling the corresponding feature in the mobile device’s settings. The second way is to visit the Google Play Market, find the Parimatch app Android version there and click on the Update button.

If the Parimatch app was installed directly from the website of the bookmaker, the process gets slightly trickier. Small updates can be performed through the Parimatch APK itself: the program will offer the user a newer version, and it will be delivered right away. For larger updates, it might be necessary to visit the official Parimatch website and perform the Parimatch app Android installation all over again. The good news is that such updates are issued rarely, and the punters won’t be required to reinstall the Parimatch app regularly.

parimatch android update

How to Update the iOS App

On iOS, the process is a lot more straightforward, as there is no way to have a direct Parimatch app download on Apple mobile devices. Thus, the only option to have an update of the application is to get it from the App Store, just like with all the other programs. Similarly, it is possible to set up automatic updates by enabling the corresponding options in the Settings menu. Otherwise, it is possible to perform the following steps:

  1. Launch the App Store.
  2. Tap on the Updates button.
  3. Find the Parimatch App there.
  4. Tap on the Update button.
  5. Wait for the newer version of the application to be installed.

The only difficulty that might occur on this operating system is once again associated with possible regional restrictions. If the region was switched for a Parimatch app download, the updates will only be delivered, in case it has not been switched back. Thus, it will be necessary to change the region every time Parimatch issues a major update, or skip switching the region to the original one.

parimatch ios update

Parimatch App Registration

The next step all punters are required to perform in order to enjoy the sports betting services of the application relates to creating an account there. Thankfully, the procedure is rather straightforward in the Parimatch app. This step is necessary both for the application and the website version of Parimatch mobile.

Once the Parimatch app download is finished, the program will offer the user to set up an account or log in into an existing one. Here, the punters should select the Sign Up option and proceed to creating their Parimatch sports betting profile. They will have to fill out a form with their personal details to finish the process. The details include the name of the person, the password for the profile, and some additional personal information about the punter.

parimatch register

Account Verification at Parimatch

The only aspect of signing up that is worth mentioning is related to the accuracy of the submitted data. Parimatch app is a legally licensed sports betting platform, implying it is subject to all the corresponding regulations. A famous group of rules for bookmakers is called Know-Your-Client or KYC. It forces them to gather and verify the personal information of the players to avoid money laundering or other suspicious activities.

Parimatch app is not an exception, and it follows these regulations strictly. For the players, it means that they will have to verify their personal details at some point. Therefore, it is vital to submit correct personal information on the registration stage: otherwise, the punter won’t be able to verify it and the Parimatch account will be suspended.

Most commonly, a verification is demanded before a withdrawal is made. Expectedly, the winnings will not be paid out until the profile is verified. Thus, in order not to prolong the process, it is worth it to verify the Parimatch app profile right after setting up the account. To do so, the user will have to open the corresponding section of the Parimatch app Android or iOS version and upload the required documents to prove their identity and residency.

parimatch verification

Banking Options Supported by the App

Before the users can start betting on sports, they will logically need to top up their accounts. The good news is that the Parimatch app is rather flexible in these terms. It accepts a wide variety of banking options and offers comfortable terms for transactions. The list of accepted payment methods includes:

  • credit and debit cards;
  • various e-wallets;
  • a range of cryptocurrencies;
  • several payment processing platforms;
  • net banking;
  • direct wire transfers.

parimatch banking

The betting platform operates in a wide list of countries, so there are lots of internationally popular banking options supported for deposits and withdrawals. What makes the situation even better, India is one of the vital markets of the Parimatch app, which enables it to accept almost all the payment methods that are popular in the country.

Transaction Terms

The terms for transactions will be comfortable for the vast majority of betting fans. The minimum sum accepted for deposits is from 300 INR to 500 INR for the vast majority of payment methods, making the betting platform extremely affordable. At the same time, the lowest sum accepted for cash-outs is only 1,000 INR. It enables the betting fans to be flexible with their transactions. In addition to that, all transactions are processed with no fees.

As for the maximum limits, the situation is rather straightforward. There is a maximum limit for each specific transaction including both deposits and withdrawals, which is explained by the capabilities of the payment methods. At the same time, there are no overall limits. It enables the betting fans to make as many deposits and withdrawals as they need, which essentially removes the maximum limit.

The processing time for deposits is instant for most methods. The only exception relates to cash-ins via cryptocurrencies, which might take some time to be processed. As for the withdrawals, the processing terms vary between different banking options. For example, cash-outs via debit cards and e-wallets are processed within 24 hours. At the same time, the betting platform reserves up to seven banking days for withdrawals via direct wire transfers.

Parimatch App Games

As the experienced gamblers know, the bookmaker also has a casino app available for downloads. Betting and casino services are provided in different pieces of mobile software, so the players should pay attention during the download procedure. The casino Parimatch app is also available in the official stores of Android and iOS.

Most platforms that combine betting and casino services usually fail to deliver both of them on a decent level. Thankfully, this is not the case with this company. Even though it has a clear focus on the sports betting service, its casino software is surprisingly comprehensive. It features games by 106 different software providers, which is more than what most dedicated casino sites and programs offer.

The assortment of casino games is truly vast. There are more than 3,000 different titles available for playing in the casino lobby of the Parimatch app. The collection features casino games of all sorts, ensuring it will appeal to all groups of gamblers. The types of casino titles available on mobile include:

  • slot machines;
  • various table games;
  • different specialties;
  • live dealer casino games;
  • other titles.

What is even better is that there are separate bonuses and promotions offered in the casino Parimatch app. The house edge on casino titles is expectedly higher than the one provided by the betting part of the service, enabling the bookmaker to offer far more beneficial deals for casino players. For example, the welcome bonus for casino players is capped at 210,000 INR. In addition to that, the users will be rewarded with 100 free spins after finishing their first transactions.

parimatch app games

Betting Options Available with Parimatch

The betting options provided by the platform are truly extensive. The opportunities for the punters are almost unlimited, as the bookie has managed to grant enough space for their creativity. It includes both the variety of sports and events covered by the sportsbook and the number of betting markets associated with each competition.

parimatch betting options

Supported Sports

In total, there are more than 25 different sports available for betting in this sportsbook. The list includes all the major sports such as Football, Rugby, Cricket, Basketball, Hockey, and others. In addition to that, there is a variety of less popular sports like UFC, Handball, Badminton, and many others available in the sportsbook.

The coverage depends on the popularity of every specific sport, but it is generally decent. For major sports, the punters will be able to find events of all scales: starting with top-tier international tournaments and ending with smaller local championships. Most of the competitions are available for watching in real-time through the broadcasting system implemented into the software.

Parimatch supported sports

Betting Markets

The assortment of supported betting markets is impressive as well. There are dozens of betting options available for every single event in the pre-match section. With live wagering, the number of betting markets varies depending on the demand on the specific match. Nevertheless, with the majority of competitions, there are numerous markets available for wagering on. It includes:

  • winning team predictions;
  • handicap wagers;
  • total goals or points bets;
  • a ton of specialty wagers;
  • various sport-specific markets.

The sets of markets have been carefully developed for every specific sport. They take into account all the possible predictions the players might want to submit. In the live wagering section, there are some quick betting markets available as well. They allow the users to make predictions, the outcomes of which will occur before the match finishes.

parimatch betting markets

Types of Bets

The last aspect that adds up to the set of opportunities provided to the users relates to the various types of wagers supported by the platform. Of course, there is a possibility to submit single wagers that would only cover one specific outcome. However, it would not have been enough for experienced punters, so Parimatch has implemented several options for submitting combined wagers.

First of all, there are parlay wagers supported by the platform, which are also known as accumulator bets. They enable the players to create unique predictions that would cover multiple outcomes for different matches. Such predictions are considered correct in case all the bets within the parlay wager were won. The resulting odds for them are calculated by multiplying all odds by each other.

Another option to combine multiple predictions into one wager is called the System here. These wagers feature a similar approach, but with a slight difference: it is possible to have wrong predictions in a System bet but still win. The odds are expectedly lower than with parlays, but the opportunity to make a mistake makes them beneficial and attractive for some users.

To submit a combined wager, it is necessary to add the markets to the bet slip first. It is located in a separate section of the program, where it is possible to choose the type of wager for submission. To make a parlay or a System prediction, the punters will need to select the corresponding tab in the slip.

parimatch betting types

Parimatch App Bonuses

The bonus program of the Parimatch APK is quite diverse and generous. The bookmaker does not have a fixed set of offers that are available all the time: instead, new bet deals are offered regularly. The only promotion that is claimable at all times is the welcome bonus. The players become eligible to get this bet bonus right after they finish the mobile Parimatch app download.

Welcome Bonus

In India, the welcome bonus offered by the Parimatch app is a simple deposit promotion. It enhances the value of the first transaction by 150%. The bet promo is capped at 20,000 INR, which is a rather decent deal compared to other sports betting platforms.

parimatch welcome bonus casino

The minimum sum that has to be deposited in order to activate the welcome bet offer is 300 INR, which is a lot lower than average. To benefit from the offer, the player will need to visit the Promotions section of the Parimatch app and find the deal there. Then, it will be necessary to click on the promotion’s banner and agree to the Terms and Conditions associated with the bonus. The application will redirect the player to the cashier, where an eligible payment will have to be made.

parimatch welcome bonus

Bonus Rules

The most important rule associated with the Welcome Bonus of the Parimatch app is the wagering requirement. According to this term, the users will have to make bets of a specific value, which depends on the size of the bonus they acquired. The multiplier is x10, meaning the bet fans will be required to wager ten times the sum of their bonus.

The good news is that it is not necessary to place all-in bets or win ten times the sum of the bonus. The number the players have to reach is the total sum of their bets. For example, in case the bonus value was 1,000 INR, it will be necessary to make 10,000 INR worth of bets.

It is also worth mentioning that not all bets will be counted towards the wagering requirement. For the bet to become eligible, the odds have to be at least 1.5. With the welcome promotion, the players are given seven days to meet this term.

Time-Limited Deals

As already mentioned, Patimatch app introduces new deals rather regularly. Typically, these are time-limited offers linked to real life sports events. When a major competition begins, there is usually an exclusive deal for bets on that specific competition. Such deals may include deposit bonuses, free bets and cashback offers.

The value provided through these promotions is usually rather decent. It most commonly exceeds the offers from most other betting platforms in India. These offers are a great way to spice up the bets for a highly anticipated championship. The bonus rules for time-limited deals in the Parimatch app are usually the same as for the Welcome Bonus.

For example, there was recently a deposit bonus deal which was exclusive for IPL. Much like the Welcome Bonus, this promo was capped at 20,000 INR, although only the bets on IPL were accepted for wagering requirements. The deal also enhanced the transactions of the punters for 150%.

The activation process of the time-limited deals in the Parimatch mobile application is the same as with the welcome promo. The steps to perform will be as follows:

  1. Log in to the Parimatch app account.
  2. Open the Promotions section of the application.
  3. Find the time-limited deal banner and tap on it.
  4. Agree to the Bonus Terms.
  5. Make an eligible deposit and claim the bonus.

parimatch limited bonus

Promo Codes

Another way of getting bonuses for sports betting in the mobile Parimatch app relates to using the promo code system of the bookmaker. It is built-in to the cashier and offers a variety of beneficial deals. The sports betting deals available via promo codes include free bets, deposit bonuses and cashback offers.

To activate a promo code, the punters will need to log in to their Parimatch App accounts. Then, it will be necessary to switch to the cashier section of the program. There, it is necessary to enter the promo code and tap on the Apply button. At this stage, it will be possible to read the Bonus Terms associated with the code. Once it is applied, it is only left to make a deposit according to the rules of the promo.

There are multiple ways to find promo codes for the Parimatch app Android and iOS editions. First of all, some of the codes are listed in the official blog of the betting platform. In addition to that, the bookmaker sometimes shares exclusive bonus codes through its newsletter. Thus, it is worth subscribing to it through the corresponding feature in the Parimatch app. Secondly, some bonus codes are exclusively provided to third-party websites associated with live sports betting. It is always possible to find some secret codes online.

parimatch promo codes

Casino Deals

As it was already mentioned, there is a gambling Parimatch app available in addition to the main betting service. It features completely different promotions, which are exclusive to the gambling service. The deals there include deposit bonuses, free spin packages, cashback offers, lotteries, and even tournaments.

The value provided by those deals are higher than what is granted by the betting promotions. Even the welcome bonus there has a ten times higher maximum cap, compared to the same betting promotion. The quantity of promotions is also higher there than with the betting service. New deals are introduced almost every week, and there are more permanent offers available for claiming than in the betting software.

Expectedly, the terms for gambling bonuses are different as well. They vary between different promotions, but in general, the wagering requirements are around x40 for most offers. The minimum deposit sums are also different for every freebie package. For example, sometimes, the gambling Parimatch app introduces high roller promos with significant entry barriers.

parimatch casino deals


🏏  Why is it Better to Place Bets through the App?

Most users choose to have a Parimatch app download instead of enjoying the web version of the sports betting platform. The program provides a much smoother experience and has some exclusive features which are not available in the web edition of the betting platform. An example of such a feature would be the notifications that are especially useful for live sports betting.

🏏  How to Receive a Bonus in the Parimatch App?

In order to receive a bonus in the Parimatch app for pre-match and live sports betting or casino playing, it is necessary to visit the corresponding section of the program. There, the user should find banners of the available promotions: tapping on it will lead to its activation. After reading the bonus rules, the sports betting fan may proceed to making an eligible deposit. Another option would be to use the promo code system of the live betting platform. To do so, the user will need to launch the cashier and enter their code there.

🏏  How to Perform a Deposit via the Mobile App?

The first step of making a deposit in the Parimatch APK relates to launching the cashier. It is a separate tab in the program that is available from the pinned menu in the bottom of the interface. There, the punter should enter the amount of their deposit and choose the optimal banking option from the list of available systems. After confirming the selected details, it will only be left to approve the transaction on the payment method’s page.

🏏  What distinguish Mobile App from Mobile Version of Parimatch?

There are two main differences between the Parimatch APK edition and the browser version of the live betting platform. First of all, the web edition does not have a Notifications feature. It is a major benefit for fans of live sports betting, as they can get notified about the upcoming matches or the results of the games they have selected. The second difference relates to the smoothness of the experience: having a Parimatch app download will enable the users to benefit from swipes and other comfortable controls.

🏏  What is the minimum withdrawals in India?

The transaction terms vary between different payment options available in the Parimatch app. In general, the lowest amount of funds that can be withdrawn from the betting platform is 1,000 INR, although for some banking methods, it might be higher. The withdrawals are processed quickly here, and there are no fees associated with cashing out the winnings.

🏏  How to sign in to the Parimatch app?

To sign in to the Parimatch APK, the live betting fans will need to enter their email address and password they have created during the registration process. In case the password is lost, it is always possible to recover it via the corresponding option that is available on the sign up screen. The program can remember the login details of the betting fans to make the procedure simpler. They will also be able to set up fingerprint or face identification to make the login procedure even quicker.

🏏  Why is Parimatch popular in India?

There are multiple reasons for the popularity of the Parimatch APK in India. Perhaps the most notable of them is the overall quality of pre-match and live sports betting services provided by this bookmaker. The punters choose to have a Parimatch download, as the program is one of the most optimized and comprehensive sportsbooks available in the country.

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