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Companies in the betting sports market come and go all the time, as the industry is extremely competitive. Therefore, there are not so many bookmakers with long histories of successful operation, and each of these companies receives a special amount of attention from the punters. One of the most notable sportsbooks of the kind in India is the Pinnacle App, which is delivered by a betting platform that was established almost two decades ago.

Even though this app has a great reputation and is delivered by a trusted brand, the betting fans should still approach it with attention. After all, discovering all the details beforehand is the only option to make an informed choice.

Launch Year 2004
License Curacao, Malta
Available Services Sports Wagering, Casino
Compatible Platforms Windows, iOS, Android
Withdrawal Limit No maximum limit

Benefits of the Pinnacle Mobile App

Understanding the app’s pros and cons is key to having a general perception of the experience the betting sports fans are having there. Thankfully, there are many benefits the Pinnacle App has to offer. The first one has already been mentioned today: it is the bookie’s reputation. The company has been in the market for almost 20 years, and it has positive reviews on most independent platforms. This allows the users to be sure about their safety and security with the iOS or Android app.

Secondly, there is the bookie’s amazing coverage of events. There are thousands of matches available for wagering at any given moment, where the most popular betting sports are soccer, hockey, and basketball. The same applies to the assortment of betting markets available in the app, as Pinnacle has hundreds of options for almost every given match.

Another major benefit of the app is its approach to the Terms of Service. The users are treated fairly at Pinnacle, and there are no pitfalls or hidden terms that could potentially hurt the punters. Even for promotions, the bonus terms are exceptionally mild and intuitive.

Speaking of intuitiveness, there is also the design of the Pinnacle App that is also its massive advantage. The menus of Pinnacle are well-structured, and the interface is very clean, allowing the betting fans to quickly find whatever option or feature they might be looking for in the app.

The next point that is worth mentioning is the casino experience that is also provided in the Pinnacle App. Pinnacle clearly focuses more on sports betting, but for those who wished to try online casino gambling as well, there is such an opportunity. Even though the service is rather basic, it offers all the most common types of games, including even a live casino lobby.

Last but not least, the Pinnacle mobile app has a decent cashier. Pinnacle accepts a wide range of payment methods, and the terms for transactions are great. Both low-budget betting fans and major high rollers will have a comfortable banking experience in the app no matter which payment option they prefer.

pinnacle benefits

Downsides to Using the Pinnacle Mobile App

No betting sports Android app, and even despite its long list of benefits, Pinnacle App has its drawbacks too. Firstly, the bookmaker does not have a wide range of bonuses for betting sports. There are many promotions available in the casino segment of the app, but betting bonuses are introduced there rather rarely.

Another aspect that is available with some other apps and is not implemented to Pinnacle is a loyalty program. Once again, there is such a program with the casino segment of the Pinnacle mobile app, but it is not available for sports betting. Hopefully, it will be fixed in the future, as the modern trend is to have it for betting as well.

The last drawback relates to the availability of the Pinnacle App itself. In some regions or states, it might not be available in the official stores due to local legislation. Therefore, the only option remaining for users from these regions is to directly download the iOS or Android app, which might not be as convenient for some betting fans.

How to download the Pinnacle Mobile App in India?

The process of downloading the Pinnacle App is not tricky at all. Most betting fans won’t have any issues with it, as the mobile app is available in the official stores on Android and iOS. For such cases, the mobile download should be performed as usual, just like with any other app. But in case a direct download is required, the process becomes a bit more difficult.

Pinnacle Mobile App iOS Download

For iOS device owners, it is especially difficult to perform a mobile download, in case the program is not available in the App Store: users of this operating system are less used to installing software from third-party sources. The step-by-step guide for downloading the mobile Pinnacle App directly goes as follows:

  1. Visit the official website of Pinnacle.

  2. Scroll down to the site’s footer and find the Mobile button there.

  3. Choose the iOS version of the mobile app and click Download.

  4. In the pop-up windows, agree to installing mobile software from a third-party source.

  5. Wait for the mobile installation process to finish and enjoy the app.

pinnacle ios

Pinnacle Mobile App Android Download

For holders of these mobile devices, the process will be easier, as it is a common practice to install programs directly on this operating system. In case it is not possible to find the mobile Android app of Pinnacle in the Play Market, the steps to perform are:

  1. Check the device’s settings and enable the “Allow downloads from third-party sources” if necessary.

  2. Visit the official Pinnacle website.

  3. Scroll down and click on the Mobile button.

  4. On the next page, choose the Android app and wait for the APK file to download.

  5. Launch the APK file and approve the installation.

  6. Wait for the installation to finish and enjoy the mobile app on your device.

pinnacle android

Available Betting Options

The array of mobile betting options available in the Pinnacle App is truly impressive. As it is a complex mobile platform, it would be more convenient to split the options into three categories: mobile sports betting, regular and live casino, and the virtuals segment.

Pinnacle Mobile Sports Betting

Of course, sports wagering is the main feature of the Pinnacle mobile platform. It is clearly the main focus of the company, and the service corresponds to such an approach. There are thousands of events at every user’s disposal available at all times, and the assortment is quite diverse. The range of available sports on mobile is huge, as it has both all the most common sports and the least trending ones there.

The coverage of sports competitions is also great at Pinnacle. In the pre-match sports wagering section, Pinnacle has almost every event that the punters might be looking for. Of course, there are all the major tournaments and first-division national leagues in all sports. But in addition to that, Pinnacle mobile has smaller local championships available as well.

The list of sports wagering options themselves is huge too. For every event both in the pre-match and in-play sections of the Pinnacle program, there are dozens or even hundreds of sports markets offered. It includes basic options like wins, handicaps, and totals, as well as tons of specialty sports predictions at Pinnacle.

There are some additional features supported by the mobile Pinnacle version that should be mentioned as well. The in-play section of the Pinnacle program supports live streams, which allows the punters to watch sports without ever exiting the application. There is also a feature of Pinnacle notifications that might be especially useful for some sports fans. For example, a Pinnacle user might set up a notification for an upcoming match in order not to miss it.

Last but not least, Pinnacle supports multiple types of bets. As always, there are single wagers, which allow the punters to select a prediction and place the bet right away. But there are also several options for combined wagering at Pinnacle, which might be especially interesting for experienced users.

pinnacle sports betting

Casino & Live Casino

Even though Pinnacle mainly focuses on sports, there is a gambling service offered by the platform as well. The casino lobby of Pinnacle offers a rather comprehensive experience, which will still be more than enough for most casual players. In total, there are more than 2,000 different games delivered by a whopping number of 76 software providers in the gambling lobby of Pinnacle. The list of game types supported by Pinnacle mobile includes:

  • mobile slots;

  • mobile table games;

  • specialty games;

  • jackpot games;

  • other titles.

In addition to that, Pinnacle also has a live casino lobby, where the live dealer experience is delivered. There, the players can choose from a set of 30 different games. The lobby features all-time hits like Roulette as well as a decent number of specialties and game shows.

pinnacle casino


Pinnacle also has a rather basic virtuals wagering system available to its users. In this section of the Pinnacle mobile program, the punters can place predictions on virtual events such as horse racing or football. These are computer-simulated competitions that can be watched at Pinnacle in real-time.

How to start playing?

Starting the experience in the Pinnacle App is easy, and the process does not differ too much from other mobile betting apps. As always, the punter will need to set up an account before proceeding to placing the mobile wagers. In this section, all these steps will be discussed in detail to make things more comfortable for aspiring betting sports enthusiasts.


The very first step aside from downloading the mobile app relates to creating an account. When the mobile Pinnacle app is launched for the first time, it has two options available: creating an account and logging in to an existing one. Logically, the former option is the one the beginners should choose.

There, the user should perform several quick steps to set up a profile. In general, it will be necessary to fill out some fields with the information Pinnacle requires. It includes both the details of the future mobile account and the personal information of the user. The latter will be later used to verify the identity of the punter, so it is vital to enter the correct data while setting up a mobile profile.

pinnacle reg

Sign In

Once the account is set up, it is possible to go back to the main screen of the mobile betting sports app and log in to the fresh profile with the new details. Most punters move straight to the next step after creating their Pinnacle app account, but there is a small trick that can be used to save some time in the future.

It relates to submitting the documents for verification right after the first mobile login is made. The issue is that the Pinnacle mobile app will demand such documents from every punter, and it is usually made once a withdrawal request is submitted. The documents require some time to be approved, which prolongs the withdrawal process, as it is put on hold for the time of verification. Thus, it is more beneficial to send the documents right away and have them verified by the time the first mobile withdrawal is made.

To do so, the punter would need to visit the Account section of the mobile betting app by Pinnacle, and find the Verification option there. The list of required documents will show up, where it would only be necessary to submit them. The results of the verification can be checked later in the same menu.

How to Place a Bet

Once the profile is ready to go, there is only one thing left to do, before the mobile betting sports become available, which relates to topping up the balance. This is performed in the dedicated section of the mobile app. The cashier and its mobile features will be discussed in detail in one of the following sections, so for now, it is enough to mention a mobile deposit is a necessary step.

As soon as the funds reach the account, the betting experience can begin. The Pinnacle App has two betting sports sections: one for pre-match wagers and one for in-play predictions. In any of these categories, it is necessary to choose an event and tap on it. On the event’s page, a wide range of betting markets can be browsed. Tapping on any of them adds them to the betting slip.

The betting slip is yet another section of the mobile app, where the final betting sports predictions are submitted. After adding a market to the app’s slip, it is necessary to enter the desired sum of the wager and submit it by tapping on the Confirm button.

Mobile site version

For users who are not comfortable with downloading the Pinnacle App, there is another option available to enjoy the service of the platform. It is its mobile web version that offers almost all the same features but without obliging the punter to perform a mobile download.

This mobile version is available on almost all portable devices that are capable of browsing the net. To access it, it is simply necessary to visit the official website of Pinnacle and log in to the account. In case there is no account, Pinnacle allows the users to create one in the mobile site version as well.

pinnacle mobile

Mobile App VS Mobile Version

These two editions of the same platform have multiple small differences, which should be kept in mind while making the final choice. For some people, these differences won’t have any effect on their experience, while for others, they might turn out to be game-changing.

pinnacle mobile vs app

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Mobile App

The mobile Pinnacle App has several important advantages over the browser version of Pinnacle. Firstly, it provides the punters with a much smoother experience. The web edition of the betting platform does not support some controls like swipes, which makes the app a preferable option for many users.

The second benefit the Pinnacle App offers to its members relates to its accessibility. In sports betting, it is sometimes important to be able to place a wager quickly, especially with in-play predictions. A downloaded app allows the punter to perform it much quicker, as opening the browser and typing in the address of the bookie’s website is more time-consuming.

Last but not least, the application has some features that are either partially or completely unavailable with the web edition. For example, live streaming of the events is better in the Pinnacle app thanks to its optimization. An example of a feature that is not available with the browser Pinnacle version at all would be notifications. Reminders about upcoming matches and news from Pinnacle are important parts of the experience, which is why the vast majority of punters choose to utilize the downloadable app.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Mobile Version

Compared to the app, the web version of Pinnacle has some advantages as well. The first and the main of them is the compatibility, as it works with almost any device. In case the punter has an outdated smartphone or tablet that is not compatible with the app, this option can become a great solution.

The same applies to the availability of this version of Pinnacle. When the app might be unavailable in the official stores of some regions, the web edition is always there. It might also become a good option for a one-time wager, in case the punter mostly utilizes the desktop edition and needs to place a mobile prediction quickly.

Otherwise, these two Pinnacle editions are the same. The service is identical, meaning the odds, the markets, the Pinnacle promotions, and other aspects do not vary between them. Therefore, it mostly boils down to the convenience of the user.

Deposits & Withdrawals Methods

Managing the transactions in the Pinnacle mobile app is easy and convenient. The platform is international, so it accepts a variety of methods popular all around the world, but it also supports some Pinnacle options that are trending in their most focused local markets. Such an approach allows any player to have a smooth financial experience in the mobile app.


In total, there are 26 different payment options accepted for deposits in the Pinnacle App. The list includes both very common methods like Visa, MasterCard, or Neteller as well as some least trending payment options like Tether. The list of payment method types accepted in the Pinnacle mobile betting app includes:

  • credit and debit cards;

  • e-wallet transactions;

  • cryptocurrency deposits;

  • prepaid vouchers;

  • net banking.

The terms for deposits are extremely comfortable. With most banking methods, deposits start from 800 INR, however, for some options like prepaid vouchers, the sum is even lower, as the Pinnacle mobile app allows its users to cash in as low as 400 INR via this method. There are no fees associated with deposits in the Pinnacle app.


The situation with cash-outs is the same. Some of the Pinnacle payment methods listed in the previous section are not compatible with withdrawals due to the technical limitations associated with them. An example of that would be the prepaid vouchers that cannot be withdrawn from the mobile betting app. At the same time, there are still enough options at Pinnacle for the punters to have a comfortable experience. In addition to that, there is an option to redeem the winnings via a direct wire transfer, although the terms for such an operation would be stricter than with other methods.

In general, the withdrawal rules are rather mild as well. The minimum Pinnacle withdrawal sum is 1,500 INR for most payment methods, which is rather affordable. The withdrawal processing time varies depending on the selected Pinnacle banking method. For instance, cashouts via cryptocurrency are performed within forty-eight hours, whereas direct Pinnacle wire transfers may require up to a week to be processed. The good news is that there are no fees associated with withdrawals.

System Requirements and Compatibility

The optimization of the Pinnacle App is great, as it can run smoothly on almost any device, including even outdated and low-budget smartphones and tablets. As it was already mentioned early on, the downloadable Pinnacle mobile application is available for Android and iOS operating systems.

For iOS, the minimum version of the operating system compatible with the Pinnacle mobile app is 7.0. The current version of iOS can be checked in the device’s settings, and all the devices that have this or a newer version are compatible with the app.

The main Pinnacle system requirement for Android smartphones and tablets also relates to the operating system. With Android devices, it has to be 5.0 or newer. The Pinnacle mobile app is pretty light-weight, meaning it won’t require too much space on the internal drive of the device.

Safety and Security

Safety of the users is a major concern with any mobile sports wagering app, and Pinnacle does a great job here. First of all, it is a company with a long history of successful operation, and there were no data breach incidents. It implies that Pinnacle stores the data of its users securely, which is an essential parameter for a mobile wagering app to match.

At the same time, the cashier of the program is also safe: it only accepts secure and well-protected payment methods. Cryptocurrencies are the only exception at Pinnacle, as the transfers are performed manually. Nevertheless, there were no complaints from Pinnacle crypto-users so far.

Pinnacle also has some player-safety features available. For instance, the sports fan can exclude themselves from Pinnacle, in case the wagering experience is causing harm to their life. Another similar feature relates to the users being able to set up sports wagering limits on their Pinnacle accounts: the platform won’t let them bet on sports more than they have chosen over a specific period of time.

Mobile Payment Options

On mobile, the list of accepted banking methods is the same as on desktops. In addition, in some regions, the mobile-exclusive payment options are accepted. For Android devices, there is an option to use Google Pay, while for iOS, there is an Apple Pay feature at Pinnacle. This has turned out to be an extremely convenient way for some sports wagering fans to top up their Pinnacle account balances.


🏏  Was the mobile website of Pinnacle ever not working?

Like with any other website, Pinnacle had some issues over almost twenty years of its operation. However, the stability of the sports wagering service is still great, as it works smoothly in the vast majority of cases. Technical issues on the Pinnacle platform are extremely rare, and they are typically fixed in no time.

🏏  What if it won’t load on my mobile browser?

In case the mobile web version of the Pinnacle sportsbook does not work with the browser, there are two options. It is either possible to try using another browser or to get the downloadable program on the device.

🏏  Can I benefit from the cashout feature while I use the Pinnacle services on the go?

Yes, the mobile version of Pinnacle is fully-compatible with withdrawals. It is easy to redeem the winnings on the go, and the cashier of the mobile version works exactly the same as it does on desktops.

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