Can I download Unibet Mobile App on Android?

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Unibet — a pretty experienced provider of this exciting activities worldwide. Originally located in Malta under the name «Unibet Group plc», they are offering the services since 1998.

Besides traditional wide possibilities to get amazing emotions, the company has developed a various applications in order to make gaming process from mobiles the equal level of convenience as through the traditional platform. Including lovely Indian players can try on this awesome process and obtain gorgeous feelings right now.

Unibet app is presented in 3 main versions dependable from activity you prefer most:

  1. Sports
  2. Casino
  3. Poker

They are all designed similarly and open to get via Android or iOS platformed gadget. This review would explain how to overcome some pitfalls you may faced and show you how to get from the apps as most wonderful feelings as you can.

How to install Unibet Mobile App on Android?

While you would try to get unibet apk file in order to launch it, you might face the following situation. There would be an error appeared with inscription that is now allowed to install the apps from unknown sources. Keep calm, buddy. It is easy to find a solution.

  1. Your first step is to get the options of your gadget
  2. Second step carrying out of transferring to «Security» privacy
  3. On the third step you shall allow downloading file from anywhere you wish

In case you did everything the right way, while you would try for another time, everything is gonna be fine. Now you can get it and enjoy the possibilities, but not to forget about gamble responsibly and try not to lose a fortune.

Can I get Unibet Mobile App for iOS?

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But what if you’re supporter of production of Apple and using an iPhone or iPad while wishing to try unibet sports app? Instructions just the same, so you should get it directly from you AppStore account.

From device of yours it is needed at least iOS 11.0 OS update and enough memory capacity availible. It would be distinctively perfect run in the folliwing gadgets:

  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air
  • iPad
  • iPad Mini
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus

But even in more ancient types of production it would be nice as well. If you have troubles with the installation, you can download the Dafabet app and continue to place cricket bets with this bookmaker.

How to install Unibet Mobile App on iOS?

While you followed the requirements, ready to start, you’ll getting to the AppStore and... See the app is banned for Unibet India. Such a misurable. Or not?

There is an easy way to bypass the prohibition and all you need to do is to change the region of presence. No, you should not take your closes, buy a ticket and fly to another country. With current circumstances, you won’t be able to do that at all.

To change the region of your Apple ID would be enough. Don’t worry, it would not limit you in any other funcionality and you may change everything back once it’d be finished. So what you gonna do:

  1. Your first step supposed to manage your device’s options
  2. Second step consists of transferring to «Profile» which the highest tab
  3. On the third step you shall choose AppStore and iTunes —> Apple ID
  4. The fourth step require you password and then switching location in appropriate tab
  5. Fifth step of refreshing you phone and trying for another time is the simplest step

In case you have managed everything the right way, it would appear and free to be obtained. Download it now and become an exclusive indian players with restricted app on your Apple gadget. No doubt, you are extremely cool.

Mobile Version of Unibet

mobile version of the unibet site

In case your phone has stayed connected to the Internet and has a mobile browser installed (every modern phone has it, by the way), you are able to use unibet mobile platform just from it.

It is totally optimized to any resolution of your phone or tablet screen, so this way of playing is quite comfortable either.

What are the discrepancy of Unibet Mobile Version from Unibet Mobile App?

Seemingly, there is no sufficient things which are distinguish mobile platfrom from application. However, the Unibet app download provides a higher level of safety, because of two-factors authonification feature and ability to turn on Touch ID if your device has it.

Furthermore, there is a possibility to turn on notifications in order not to miss the match of your favourite cricket team, for instance. Streams broadcasting is also more comfortable to watch via the app.

Despite the fact, that both platforms is designed the similar way, the apps and the division of apps into 3 main sections, would help you to reduce all unneccessary and focus directly on getting awesome feelings and some money if your flair is on your side.

Neccessary Requirements & Info for Android

unibet system requirements on android

  • Cost – Free
  • Category – Gambling
  • OS needed – Android 5.0 or higher
  • Size – 13MB
  • Current Version – 1.4.88.
  • Release Date – 2020, February 14

Downloads – 100 000+

System Requirements & Information of the App for iOS

unibet system requirements on ios

  • Cost – Free
  • Category – Sports
  • Size – 29,3MB
  • Requirements for OS – iOS 11.0 or higher
  • Provider – «Unibet (London) Limited»
  • Applicable devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Most common questions from Unibet app users

🏏  Is Unibet Mobile App costless?

For sure: no payments, no fees, entrust to your flair, get frees

🏏  What versions of Android OS is applicable to Unibet App?

If your phone operates on Android 5.0 or higher

Launch the app and make real what your desire

🏏  How to make a deposit via Unibet Mobile App in India?

If your balance is low

Try one of the ways listed above:

  • Skrill
  • PaySafeCard
  • BankTransfer
  • PayPal


🏏  How to wagering on sports via Unibet Mobile App?

  1. Try to wager responsibly
  2. Choosing events you know constantly
  3. Don’t be affected by gambling
  4. and making betslips by rambling

🏏  How to withdrawal funds via Unibet Mobile App if I from India?

  • While the luck is on your turn
  • and there is a winning you wish to earn
  • recall the way of put in money to the game
  • put them out just the same
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