4rabet Mobile App Download for Android (.apk) Latest Version 2023

Experienced fans of sports betting and casino gambling are enjoying the service of the 4raBet app a lot. It is one of the most popular apps in the segment, and it offers great conditions both for casino players and sportsbook punters. However, it is always important to discover all the information before deciding to have a 4raBet app download for Android in 2023. Knowing the details about the features of a betting platform is vital for comparing it to other sportsbooks.

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Supported Platforms

Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and others

Accepted Payment Methods

Credit and debit cards, Net Banking, cryptocurrencies, Google Pay, wire transfers

Included Services

Casino gambling, sports betting

Pros and Cons

All platforms have their advantages and downsides associated with using them, and the 4raBet app is not an exception. Even though most sports betting fans consider it to be one of the best offers in the market, it is still important to discover both the strong aspects of the app and its pitfalls before joining it.

4rabet pros-cons

Advantages of using the app

The main advantage associated with using the 4raBet app is related to the combination of services it provides. The app supports both casino gambling and sports betting, making it a universal tool for fans of these activities. Moreover, while most other providers of both these services have a clear focus on one of them, the 4raBet app is delivering a decent experience with both.

The second strong advantage of the app is its assortment of events and betting markets available for the users. The program covers almost all the competitions the users might be looking for, and offers hundreds of different betting options for each match. This includes events both in the live and pre-match betting sections of the 4raBet app.

Another benefit the users of the program get is its interface. Navigating through betting sections is comfortable, and the structure of the menus is well thought-out. It is easy to find the exact match and the specific betting option the player might be looking for. The same applies to the casino section of the app.

Last but not least, the 4raBet app has a generous set of promotions. Starting with the beneficial welcome package and ending with numerous time-limited events, its bonus program provides all betting fans with tons of freebies.

Downsides to using the app

Unfortunately, there is no perfect betting platform that would be suitable for any player. Expectedly, there are several downsides to using the 4raBet app in India. The first of them might disappoint users on the iOS platform, as the program is not available on Apple devices. Betting fans on this operating system will only be able to use the web version of the sportsbook. Even though it is still a very comprehensive service, there are some features that are not available in the web edition of the 4raBet app.

The second and the last significant pitfall is related to the bonus terms of the app. The promotions themselves are extremely generous, but the rollover requirements are respectively higher than average. The sports betting fans will need to wager the sum of their bonuses ten times, while at most other sportsbooks, the multiplier does not exceed x7.

Features of the 4raBet App

The program is extremely comprehensive, and there are lots of features available in it. First of all, the main opportunities granted by the 4raBet APK are sports betting and casino gambling. All the other features are aimed at enhancing the experience and bringing it to another level. For example, for sports betting, there are features of wagering on events that have already begun as well as on the events that are only scheduled for the future.

The wagering section of the 4raBet app grants an opportunity to livestream the events as they unfold. It is extremely comfortable for live betting, as it is possible for the punters to spectate the match before they decide on their wager. Another great feature of the app is called Notifications. It makes it a lot easier for the players to receive important information about the service or reminders about upcoming matches.

Needless to say the 4raBet APK has a feature of activating bonuses and promotions. It is comfortably implemented to the app, so the betting fans won’t have any issues with grabbing fresh freebies. The cashier is also built-in to the app, making transactions smooth and intuitive. There is also a feature of Tournaments, which enables the betting fans to challenge each other as they try to win a share of generous prize pools.

The casino gambling aspect of the 4raBet app is also rather advanced. It has all sorts of casino games, including even a live dealer lobby, where the players can enjoy the company of real human croupiers. Expectedly, the promotions are also available in the casino section of the app, and so are the tournaments.

4rabet features

System Requirements for Android and iOS devices

The system requirements associated with having a 4raBet app download for Android are almost non-existent, as the app is almost perfectly optimized. It runs on an extremely wide range of devices, including even outdated smartphones and tablets that can no longer receive updates of the operating system. Nevertheless, it is always better to discover the system requirements before trying a 4raBet app download.

Android App System Requirements

The main system requirement associated with having a 4raBet app download for Android is the version of the operating system. For the latest version of the app, it will be necessary to have Android 5.0 or newer installed on the device. Another requirement states that the smartphone or tablet should have at least 1 GB of RAM and a 1.4 GHz processor or better. Last but not least, it is necessary to have at least 30 Mb of free space available on the storage of the device.

4rabet android

System Requirements for iOS

As mentioned earlier, iOS users cannot have a 4raBet app download, as the program is not available on this operating system. Using the web version of the platform is the only option for holders of Apple devices. Therefore, the only system requirement associated with such an experience is related to the gadget being able to run HTML-5 games. The good news is that the vast majority of Apple smartphones and tablets are compatible with it. To find out whether their device is supported, the user will simply need to visit the website of the bookmaker.

4rabet ios

4raBet APK download for Android

Having a 4raBet app download is easy on this platform. It is available directly from the official website of the bookmaker and is free of charge. The application is safe to use as it corresponds to all the latest security standards. It uses the relevant SSL protocols to store and transfer the data of the users and only accepts protected and trusted payment methods.

In case the punters are not willing to have a direct download, they can use the web edition of 4raBet mobile. This version of the sportsbook has almost exactly the same features and does not require the person to install any additional software on their devices. It will launch automatically after visiting the website of the bookie.

4rabet android requirements

How to install 4raBet APK on Android

The process of having a 4raBet APK download is actually rather intuitive. There are only four steps the punter will have to perform in order to run the software on their smartphone or tablet. The process won’t take longer than five minutes, enabling the users to jump into sports wagering and casino gambling almost right away. The detailed guide for having a 4raBet APK download is presented below.

4rabet android guide

Step 1. Download 4raBet app

The first step is to get the APK file on the device. To do so, it is necessary to visit the official website of the bookmaker. There, the users should find the 4raBet APK download button, which is visible on any page of the site. Clicking on it will open the page that contains some additional instructions related to the process of having a 4raBet app download. There, it is necessary to click the download button and wait for the APK file to get saved on the device.

Step 2. Go to the settings of your device

Changing the configurations might be required, in case it is the first direct installation the user is having on this device. By default, Android devices have the corresponding feature turned off, and the punters should change it before having their 4raBet APK download. To do so, it is necessary to open the main settings of the device, find and enable the option labeled “Allow installation from third-party sources”.

Step 3. Complete the download process

In case there were no errors and the 4raBet download was initiated without having to update the settings of the device, the player only needs to wait for the file to get saved. Otherwise, it might be necessary to re-initiate the 4raBet download process and wait for it to finish. Once the 4raBet APK file is successfully saved on the device, the punters can move on to the last step.

Step 4. Confirm the file installation

After downloading the 4raBet APK file, the users should launch it to initiate the installation process. Most commonly, the punter will only be required to approve the installation and wait for it to finish. In case every step has been performed successfully, the 4raBet download and installation is finished, and the program should appear on the home screen of the device.

4raBet Download for iOS

As mentioned, there is no option to have a 4raBet download on devices that run on this operating system. The software is not available in the App Store, and there is currently no option to have a direct download of the 4raBet APK file on iOS. The good news is that the users can still benefit from the services of the platform by using its web edition. As its name implies, it is available in the browser and has almost identically the same features as the downloadable version of the app.

4rabet ios requirements

How to install the 4raBet App on iPhone or iPad

Instead of getting the 4raBet APK file on their devices, the users of Apple smartphones and tablets can use the web edition of the sports betting and casino gambling platform. A comfortable alternative to having an installation would be to pin the web version of 4raBet mobile to the home screen of the device. To do so, it is necessary to visit the website of the bookmaker via Safari, tap on the Share button, and select the Add to Home Screen option. It will enable the punters to access the sportsbook and the casino lobby quickly at any time.

4rabet iphone ipad

Registration via App

The next step after successfully installing the 4raBet app relates to creating a profile to use the service with. Setting up an account at 4raBet is easy: the process does not usually take longer than a couple of minutes. The punters can do it in the app or on the website of the bookie.

During the registration process, the players will need to create a login and a password as well as to share some personal details required by the platform. Like any other gambling software, 4raBet app is subject to Know Your Client regulations. These rules imply that the platform has to verify the identities of their users, which is why they have to gather this information in the first place.

The verification is not required immediately to let the users try out the 4raBet app and not overload them with additional procedures in the first days of playing on the platform. However, it is recommended to send the documents for verification before they are demanded by the bookie. The reason is quite simple: the withdrawals are usually locked for the duration of verification. Thus, to unlock them faster, it is reasonable to submit the documents beforehand.

4rabet sign up

Sports Betting in the APP

As sports betting is one of the main features offered by the 4raBet mobile service, there is no surprise the list of supported betting options is almost endless. The bookmaker covers the vast majority of events, including both major international competitions and smaller local leagues. There are more than 40 different sports covered by the 4raBet app, and for each sport, there are hundreds of matches for the punters to choose from.

4rabet sport betting

The sports betting is available in two sections: pre-match and in-play. Respectively, they allow the users to wager on upcoming matches and on events that have already begun. The bet slip of the app is very flexible, as it supports several types of bets. The list includes Single, Accumulator, and System wagers. The interface of the betting slip is also comfortable and intuitive, making it easy for the punters to submit exactly the wager they need.

4rabet sports


Fans of cricket betting will feel great while using this app. The list of supported competitions includes all sorts of events starting with smaller local leagues and ending with major competitions like T20 Premier League. For each event, the 4raBet mobile sportsbook offers a vast assortment of betting options. It includes victories, totals, best batters, and all sorts of specialty bets. When the events in the cricket section begin, it is almost always possible to watch them in real time without ever closing the 4raBet app.


With football, the coverage is also awesome in the 4raBet app. The application has everything that is necessary for comfortable betting on football. Casual fans of the sport will be able to wager on any major league, including La Liga, Ligue 1, Premier League, Serie A, and many others. At the same time, the app supports lots of tournaments starting with national cups and ending with the UEFA Champions League.

For experienced punters, there are numerous additional betting options implemented to the sportsbook. Almost every single football match comes with more than 200 different betting options to choose from. It includes very specific regular bets as well as a ton of specialty wagers available for adding to the bet slip.


Standard sportsbooks usually do not offer decent coverage of eSports, as they prefer focusing on regular sports. The good news is that the 4raBet app is a rare exception to that rule. The platform covers multiple disciplines in this category, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Valorant, Dota 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Mobile Legends, Starcraft 2, and Warcraft 3.

Even though the bookmaker only covers the most popular tournaments in each of the mentioned eSports, it is still more than enough for casual punters. Every match offered in the app contains more than 50 different betting options, although the range of specialty bets is rather limited. Almost every eSports competition is available for live broadcasting in the app.

Virtual Sports

The fans of the virtual sports betting genre will also be pleased by the selection available in the 4raBet app. The service features eCricket, eFighthing, eSoccer, and even Rocket League games. All of them operate 24/7, enabling the punters to wager on virtual events at any time of the day. The events are computer-simulated and always have video live streams attached to them. The betting options are different for every virtual sport, but there are almost always around a dozen different wagering markets to choose from.

How to Update to the Latest Version?

Updating the 4raBet APK is not difficult at all. The app is capable of updating itself automatically without the user having to perform any extra actions. The vast majority of updates are processed this way, so the punters won’t have to worry about their app becoming outdated.

However, in some rare cases with major updates, it might be necessary to perform a manual procedure to refresh the version of the 4raBet app on the device. On Android, it will imply reinstalling the app completely. Firstly, it will be important to uninstall the app, after which, the user will need to download and launch the 4raBet APK all over again.

4rabet updates

How to allow automatic updates on Android

WIth minor updates of the 4raBet app, it will be enough for the punters to enable the option for automatic installation within the app. It is available in the settings of the app and is rather easy to find. After enabling the corresponding option, the app will check for updates on every launch and install all the fresh content right away. As mentioned, in some extremely rare cases, it will still be necessary to update the software manually.

How to allow automatic updates on iOS

Since the users of the iOS operating system can only enjoy the web edition of 4raBet mobile, they won’t need to perform any procedures to update it at all. All the new features and improvements are instantly implemented on the website, enabling the punters to access them right away. In rare cases of major updates, the site may be unavailable for short periods of time. It is usually performed at night to reduce the inconvenience.

4raBet Mobile Version

The web version of the mobile casino and sports bets platform is almost exactly the same as the downloadable 4raBet app. The majority of the features that are offered in the application are as well available in the web version of the platform. The users will be able to enjoy placing sports bets or launching casino games on the website, benefit from the promotions, manage their accounts, and participate in all sorts of events held by the bookmaker.

Fans of sports bets will be able to live stream the matches in the live section in the browser as well. Essentially, all the features aside from a few exceptions are supported by the web version. The main feature that is exclusive to the downloadable 4raBet app is Notifications. Another minor difference relates to the Google Pay payment option for holders of Android devices. It is impossible to use this banking method in the web version of the sports bets and casino games platform.

4rabet mobile

4raBet app bonuses

Punters who have created an account on Android or iOS will be able to benefit from sportsbook and casino promotions with no regard to whether they are using the application of the mobile version of the platform. The application offers a diverse set of bonus offers that is constantly renewed. A new bonus deal is introduced to the 4raBet app users almost every week.

However, before rushing to activate all the valuable bonus offers in the application, it is important to discover the main details about them. First of all, it is necessary to understand that the casino and the sportsbook are two different services offered in one application. The mechanics behind them are not similar at all, so the bonus deals are designed for each of them separately. It means that some bonuses are only available for sports wagering, while the others are exclusively created for the casino section of the application.

4rabet bonuses

Welcome Bonuses

The first promotion available in the 4raBet app is the welcome bonus. It is designed specifically for desktop, Android or iOS users who have just created their account on the platform. In fact, the application offers entire packages of bonuses as a welcome gift. As mentioned, there are two separate packages for casino and sportsbook sections.

The Casino Welcome Bonus pack includes four deposit bonus deals available on Android and iOS. The bonuses cover the first four transactions the players make in the app, granting 200%, 120%, 180%, and 200% deposit boosts for each cash-in respectively. The maximum total sum that can be obtained through this welcome bonus package is 90,000 INR.

The terms for bonus offers are also different between the sportsbook and casino sections. To activate the welcome bonus, casino gamblers will need to deposit at least 100 INR, which is a very affordable sum. The wagering requirements are significantly lower than average, as they are x20 here. The gamblers will have seven days to meet the rollover requirements and they will only be able to do it in slot machines.

Sports welcome package is also a set of four deposit bonus offers. It boosts the first four transactions by 200%, 150%, 100%, and 150% respectively. The maximum value that can be obtained through this bonus offer is 60,000 INR. Even though it is not a huge amount, it is still a decent set of freebies.

The bonus terms associated with the sportsbook welcome package for iOS and Android users also imply a minimum deposit sum of 100 INR. The wagering requirements in the mobile application are x10, and only wagers with odds of x1.8 and higher are counted towards the rollover requirements in the 4raBet app. Similarly, the users will have seven days to meet this term.

4rabet welcome bonus

Betting Bonus

The betting bonus section in the iOS and Android versions of the 4raBet app are rich. There is always a number of promotions for the mobile users to choose from. For example, at the time of writing, there are seven different promotions running in this category. The first of them is a WORLD ODI bonus of 200%. Expectedly, it is linked to a major real-life sports event, which is a tradition in the 4raBet app. Whenever there is a huge competition, the application releases a time-limited promotion for gamblers on Android and iOS.

Another deal that is currently active in the application is a 150% deposit bonus that is exclusively available for virtuals. It is a seasonal promotion, meaning the application introduces similar offers four times a year. The next deal is a 1,000 INR reward given to iOS and Android punters for subscribing to the bookie’s social networks.

The next bonus offer in the application is a 5% cashback associated with WIPL. There is also the Largest Combo of the Week deal that is essentially a competition between mobile users on Android and iOS: the punter who places the largest successful combined bet gets a generous reward.

Another deal for fans of mobile sports wagering is a monthly loyalty cashback. Depending on how active the punter is, they can get from 5% to 30% of their monthly losses returned. Last but not least, the mobile application hosts a daily tournament with a prize pool of 50,000 INR.

4rabet betting bonus

Casino Bonus

The casino bonus section in the mobile application and the iOS web version of the platform also has a lot of offers for the gamblers to choose from. At the time of writing, there are five different deals the mobile users of the 4raBet app can benefit from. The first mobile deal is the 150% Spins and Wins bonus. The promo has a minimum deposit requirement of 2,500 for iOS and Android users, but the wagering requirements are only x17.

Another mobile bonus available in the 4raBet app is the Fruity Days promo. It is also a 150% deposit enhancement with a maximum cap of 20,000 INR that is exclusively available for slots in the app and the iOS web version.

Similar to the sports cashback, the app also offers a loyalty promo for the casino section. Depending on the level of the app’s user, they will be able to receive from 5% to 20% cashback deals every month. The wagering requirements for the bonus funds also decrease for higher app levels. Last but not least, the app has an exclusive deal for the Aviator game. Essentially, it is a lottery among winners of the Aviator title in the app. To participate, the app’s users will need to submit screenshots of them playing and wait for the bookie to post the results and send out the rewards.

4rabet casino bonus

Differences Between App and Mobile Website

As mentioned in the previous sections, these two versions of the 4raBet app are very similar. The main difference between them is the smoothness of the experience. The downloadable program has a better-optimized interface and benefits from swipes and other advanced control options that are not available in the web version of the platform. Even though the web edition of the sport bets service is well thought-out, it is still a lot more comfortable to navigate in the application.

Other differences between the versions include some features that are exclusive to the 4raBet app. They have been described earlier on, as they are Notifications and Google Pay payments. These two opportunities are not available in the web edition of the platform, so only the users of the downloadable application will be able to benefit from them.

4rabet mobile vs web

Betting Options at the App

The assortment of betting options provided to the users of the 4raBet app is vast. As mentioned in one of the previous sections, players who have created an account in the application will be able to choose from hundreds of different betting markets for almost every event in the in-play and pre-match bets sections. There are both standard bets such as victories, totals or handicaps and specialties that are different for every sport in the selection.

As for the types of sport bets, there are three of them available. First of them is called a Single wager, and it's rather self-explanatory. The punters can place such a bet on a single betting market and the odds will correspond to the ones stated in the bet slip.

The second type of accepted wagers is called an Accumulator. It enables the user to combine multiple betting markets into one wager. In case all the predictions are correct, the punter will win the Accumulator bet. The resulting odds are calculated by multiplying all odds inside the bet by each other. For example, an Accumulator bet with three events, each having x2 odds will have the resulting odds of x8.

The last type of bets accepted in the 4raBet app is called System bets. These wagers are similar to Accumulators, as they also enable the users of the sports bets application to combine multiple betting markets into one wager. The main difference is that System bets enable the punter to submit a wrong prediction within the wager. Expectedly, the payouts of such bets are lower than with Accumulators, but many punters choose them as it is a safer option.

4rabet options


🏏  Is the 4raBet mobile app free?

Yes, the 4raBet APK is available for free. The punters won’t be charged for downloading this app, and the same applies to the web version of the sports betting and casino gambling platform. Real money will only be needed for submitting bets: otherwise, the app is completely free to download and use.

🏏  How to deposit in the 4raBet app?

To make a deposit in the 4raBet mobile app, the players will need to create a profile and log in first. Once logged in to the account, it is necessary to launch the cashier, which is done by tapping on the corresponding button in the pinned menu. In the cashier, the punter should choose one of the supported banking options and enter the amount of their cash-in. Lastly, the user should approve the translation and wait for the funds to reach the balance.

🏏  How do I withdraw my winnings in the app?

The steps the user should perform to redeem their winnings from the 4raBet app are similar to the ones required for making a deposit. The user will also need to log in and launch the cashier. The main difference is that the next step is to switch the tab to Withdrawals before selecting a banking option. Then, it is necessary to select the withdrawal method and enter the desired sum. Lastly, the user will need to wait for the 4raBet app to process the transaction. Processing periods vary depending on the selected payment method.

🏏  Do I need to register in the app separately from the website?

No, it is only necessary to perform the registration procedure once. It can be done both in the 4raBet APK and on the web version of the sports betting and casino gambling platform. The account created via either of these methods can be used in both editions of the sportsbook. For example, it is possible to set up an account in the web version and then use it in the downloadable 4raBet app.

🏏  Can I Create Multiple Accounts at the 4raBet App?

No, as having multiple accounts is considered a violation of the Terms of Service. The 4raBet app will not prevent the punters from creating several accounts, but it will be impossible to pass the verification procedure with one of them. It is not reasonable to try to create multiple accounts, as one of them will get blocked sooner or later.

🏏  What Should I Do If the 4raBet App Doesn't Work?

The first and the most simple solution involves reinstalling the 4raBet app. It will resolve the majority of issues that might have occurred during the installation process. In case it does not help and the program won’t launch, it is necessary to ensure the device complies with the app’s system requirements. If it does not, it will be impossible to use the program on this smartphone or tablet. If it does, the only solution is to contact the support team of the 4raBet app.

🏏  Do I need to sign up for the app again if I’ve already registered through the site?

No, in case an account has been created on the website, it won’t be necessary to set up a new profile in the 4raBet app. It is possible to use the same account in the program, so the registration procedure does not have to be repeated. Moreover, all the progress such as account balance will remain in the app, as it is stored on the servers of the sports betting and casino gambling platform.

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    I would like to try bitcoin payments, but since I don't have one on my account at the moment, I remain faithful to paypal. It has already been several times I used it, and have nothing to complain about

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    All payments are credited in a few seconds, regardless of the chosen method. Of course, if you decide to deposit cash into your account, you will have to wait a little longer. But there are no problems with electronic payment systems

  • Jagat Pandey 11/11/21 20:41

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